About Me

Who is she?

She is far from being exceptional to start with. 

I'm just a small lady (or kind of, let's say I'm a female) from Monaco, who moved out from mummy and daddy's place to her tiny Solent University hall room in Southampton in September 2014.
I'm what we call a "Fashion Student", so I pretend to try to be fashionable on pictures, but truth is, I'm either in my pyjamas or my track suits. 

I try to travel as much as I can to make stuff happen in my life, but even when I do, I end up not having much to say about it. So don't hate me for posting at random times and dates, but I only do it when something cool enough happens. (NO I'M NOT LAZY! just a little bit, "sometimes"...) Oh, and did I say? I'm the BIGGEST procrastinator alive. I can say "Meh, I'll do it later" around 50 times a day.

I try to model when I can, when I'm bored or when I really have nothing else to do. I like photography, on either side of the camera. But be aware that when I'm on the photographer side, I'm really exigent and never satisfied with my work. 

If you have any questions about me, my blog or even if you want to tell me what you ate for lunch, don't hesitate to comment on any posts!

Thank you for coming over from your couch to my little world of that not so grown up child of mine, I hope you like it (or hate it the least)!

See you around! 


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