Monday, 3 November 2014



Here we go, this is finally my first post, after hesitating quite a lot on if I should start a blog or not... So, let me first of all present myself!

Estelle, The not so grown up child.

Why this name? Let me tell you...

I am from Monaco, the smallest country in the world: 1,8km square (no I'm not even joking). I moved to Southampton last September, and I am now a fashion student at Solent university.

I'm a fresher! (Hashtag Alcohol, Hashtag SoMuchFun, Hashtag YouKnowIt)
So, why this name? Just because I'm a childish woman, still needs mummy when I'm ill, but I'm trying to grow up in a real adult world. I have a "Student Life", mostly what I'm going to talk about here!

Enjoy your journey on this brand new blog, and do not hesitate to tell me how to improve.

Cheers :) (Hashtag xoxo)

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