Monday, 3 November 2014

My makeup box

My makeup box

Let's get started for real. I'll present you my makeup box!

But first you need to know... I am the MOST LAZY FEMALE on earth. So, I never ever put makeup during the day... Mostly because as I oversleep everyday, I have to rush to shower and get to uni on time in the mornings (Hashtag THUGLIFE).

So this is my "Night-out-if-I'm-not-late" makeup box

Here, everything is MAC, even though it is expensive (13£ the single eye shadow, 10£if you take one for a pallet and 5£ the pallet support), as I don't use it often (not to say never), I'll keep it my entire uni life minimum (so at least 3 years). The left top one is a cream "Pro Longwear Paint Pot" "LAYIN' LOW" colour. The eyeshadow just under it is my very first MAC one! (Great right?) Its the WOODWINKED colour. And here comes my first pallet (Woop Woop!) From top left to bottom right: "ALL THAT GLITTERS" "ANTIQUED" "BEAUTY MARKED" and (drums rolling...) "BLACK TIED"

Now, to continue on the eyes, there is the matching eye shadow brush, "MAC 329". Right under it, my eye pen, NARS "CARAMEL" to add some sleep hours when you didn't have enough last night (Hashtag TooMuchParty). Easy to apply and cheap, it lasts all day!
And the thing right under it? I am really bad at applying it and when I do, I put it right inside my eyes (yes, it hurts). I avoid using it but it still is a very good one, "Le crayon Khôl" by Lancôme. (Sounds so posh!)

Time for foundation! Still MAC, the "Studio Sculpt" on the left "SPF 15" and the "Mineralize Skinfinish Natural" powder, "GIVE ME SUN!" colour.
Combined all together, they can last all night (for good fun?) and have a really natural finish, when you have the right colour.
Little tip: Its better to have a clearer colour than a darker, you want to avoid the pumpkin face! And never forget to blend it well on your skin, we all want to avoid that chin line! 

Let me now introduce you to my special foundation brush, the top side for liquid foundation, and the other one for the powder (yes its some kind of weird magic!). Its a KIKO Makeup Milano brush, cheap and long lasting, if you take care of it... With the cleaning spray! (What a great transition) My one is KIKO as well, and it's really easy to use, just spray it directly to your brush, and wipe that little fluffy one to a tissue and BAM, clean.

These two little beauties here are my favourites. I mostly use these ones only when I can't be bothered to try to look fabulous (which is most of the time...)
Rimmel London "GLAM EYES LASH FLIRT" Volume and lift mascara, to start with, is absolutely amazing. It's brush is curved, which gives a great natural look to your eyelashes. One half has thin and long spikes, for the length, and the other half has some short and large ones, for the volume. You can now create your perfect lashes, depending on your mood. 
The eyeliner is also amazing. It's Yves Saint Laurent "SHOCKING". Its really soft, and easy to apply (but no, it doesnt help to make both eyes perfectly similar, sorry...). Its a felt pen, and that makes the ink inside last longer, and helps not to spread all over your eyes. (NO PANDA EFFECT!)

To finish that article about what's in my box (yes you've nearly reached the end!), let me present you the most important and most used red lipstick on earth (Ok, I do wear that a lot, a REAL lot). My red Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, a mat colour "ROUGE PUR COUTURE". Yeah, let's admit it, I'm pretty proud of that one. It deserves a special place, out of the box, visible to anyone who enters my room. I take it everywhere with me, even though there's no need to apply it many times, it lasts really long! Go on test it! Eat, drink, kiss (Only if the person you're kissing is ok with becoming red and most of all ok to kiss you, I don't want you to get in trouble because of my lipstick OK?)

Keep enjoying your stay, see youuuuuuuuuuuu (Hastag SoManyU)

Hasta luego! :)


  1. This is the most entertaining make up post I have ever read haha, love it! :) x