Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Summer/Part Time Job

Hello my dear fellows,

Today, during my daily shower, an idea popped out in my mind!

I thought I'd share my summer job experience (Yes, I miss summer...), and give you some tips about having a part job combined with uni.

My summer job was absolutely cool, because it was something I like. I was a beach/clubbing photographer! My job was: take pictures (yes, I'm captain obvious), print them and sell them to the people interested.
I started at 4PM at the beach, than ran at 7 to a "pre drink" beach lounge, and than ran at 11 'till the end of the night (4-7AM) at a proper club. All that back in Monaco. I enjoyed it even though it was really tiring and that I couldn't go out clubbing with my friends... But it was totally worth it!

I found that job through facebook, a friend of mine was working for that website who were looking for more photographers. So had a job interview, a test day and I was from now on part of the team!
Having a summer job is a great adventure, it makes you have more responsibilities, but also makes you do some choices (for example, choose to work instead of going out for me). But it's a great way to have money through the summer and go shopping before going back to school. (YES I did spend it all in shopping and night out during freshers here in Southampton).

I have a job here, I work in Hollister! (No, not as a model, I'm hidden in the stocks). To be honest, I'll start in a few weeks (waiting for some paper work). 
It's nice to have a part time job combined with your studies, but you have to make sure you put your studies first. I only have 10hours uni a week and 2 days off, (YES I am lazy, as I said in my last post, and YES my timetable suits me well) so I am available to work very often. The thing is, I also have personal work to do. So if ever you have a part time job, make sure you organise your time around lessons and homework (not that I'm your mother or whatever, but you know...)

Now go look around, your Uni sometimes offer jobs! Wear your best smile, go ask in boutiques, and take a city tour to give out your CVs!

And to finish, let me offer you one of my pictures from this summer: CHRIS BROWN (he actually looked fatter in real than I ever thought...)

Keep enjoying and join the NonGrownUps team!

Byeeeeeee (Hashtag DidNotPutAnyInThisPost, Hashtag HadToAddThese)

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