Sunday, 1 March 2015

London Fashion Week 2015 - MARIA GRACHVOGEL

Hey Guys! I'm back! (Don't judge me. I auto judge myself already)

As you may know, last week was London Fashion Week! I had the amazing chance to be part of a Blogger event, thanks to Jessica!

Now, you will ask me "But who is she?" She is an amazing blogger in 3rd year of my course, Fashion Promotion and Communication, and won last year the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend Blogger Competition, with her blog Unstitched and Fabulous.

Anyways, as she was invited, she brought me with her to Maria Grachvogel's blogger event. There was plenty of us, and Jess and I arrived first and left last!
There were cupcakes, macarons, champagne, a nice a friendly vibe. We obviously did not come only for that (hum hum).

Maria Grachvogel Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer 2015 collection was disposed in her classy and minimalist boutique. We got the chance to try them on, and as Maria Herself said, "You cannot understand the collection unless you wear it". Which is absolutely true!

Her style is really light, mostly all silk material, with pure colours, which projected us in this "sky, clouds and air" feeling. I had the chance to wear two of her dresses and they felt like wearing absolutely nothing.
She wants her clothes to be for the women who want to be beautiful at night just like at the beach, whilst being in the most comfortable outfit. She insisted on how feeling great was as important as looking great.

Best thing to do is to just show you now. Better explained in image (like in children's books.)

See you later! (Aligator?) xx

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