Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bad Girl Riri Inspiration

Well Hello there!

Bad Girl Riri

Bad Girl Riri by estelle-nigioni featuring cateye glasses

If you have not had a chance to guess, I am a Rihanna fan. I am part of the Navy. Her recent post on Instagram (the actual place where its ok to put hashtags!) inspired me to make you up a style page. So... here it is, all for you, ready-to-go "À emporter" as we would say back home. 

This sportswear look is perfect for an afternoon on a Yacht, just like her... (Let's try not to cry, we might be invited one day?)  Puma based, the keyword was comfy. I added also the temporary tattoo palette, because we all know it is a tough decision to go for an anchor on the wirst (Hastag TypicalWhiteGirl), and post Starbucks pictures on Instagram (ok lets admit it, I do this). Hope you guys like it! 

And as she sais. B*tch better have my money!

See you next post xxx

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  1. Love your photos and looks. By looking at your pictures, I can feel that summer is already here :)
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