Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Getting sunny in here

Hey Guys!

I went back home to Monaco today, and obviously, I had to go shopping to buy clothes to match the weather back home before coming back.

A week ago, our shopping Mall in Southampton –West Quay, organised the student lock. What is it? Simple. Its more discounts in shops for us, students. So I went crazy, and ended completely broke… (Well played, I know…) But you'll see it was worth it! Nearly every shops were involved in the event which was a great opportunity to shop where I usually avoid going.

Here is my first outfit, perfect for a glass of Rosé with friends (This sentence sounded so summery!)
Zara Sunglasses (got them mast summer)
Miss Selfridges crop top, chosen for the collar shaped straps,
H&M maxi skirt, very light and comfortable with its double opened front, with a Moroccan inspired print, matching with my so dear flatmate Conny's Top! (No I promise it was not done in purpose)
And my dearest Converses All Star. (They had a chance to become models for a shoot, just like mummy)

My second outfit is perfect for the beach (maybe not in England I'm afraid).

The sunglasses were bought in a vintage fair event in Southampton, where I tend to go to find accessories and shirts (I bought 4 pairs in two events. Yeah. I know…)
The Top is from Topshop, light and opened the back. Feels like wearing nothing.
The shorts are from H&M, very comfy because of their stretchiness.

My third outfit is more smart casual.
I am wearing some shorts from, really light and fluid, slightly oversized.
The shirt is from, H&M, really light, with padded stripped elbows patches.
My sunglasses are this time from Gucci, bought also last summer in Monaco.


Last outfit is probably my lazy outfit, from H&M as well: a pineapple jumpsuit!
Very light and perfect for a "I don't know what to wear day", because, well… No need to match it with anything!
The sunglasses are from the vintage fair in Southampton, cheap and light but fashionable.
I am wearing it with simple ballerina black shoes, but I think the best would be with a pair of bright coloured sandals, as you feel.


See you next post! xx


  1. The jumpsuit looks so good!!! Have fun back home ! :)

  2. All the outfits are beautiful! I loved the first one specially the skirt that is so cute!

  3. Love all the outfits!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  4. Loving these shots!


  5. gorgeous!