Thursday, 11 June 2015


Hey guys!

I just discovered pure genius to put in your pants.

Simply Knickers you wear during your hell week. Not tampons, no pads, just one simple knicker. It does it all for you! "They look and feel like a regular pair of underwear" (-Thinx website) 

We all have this terrible week (sorry to any guys about to read this, get over it). All we want to do is let ourselves die, and NOT care about what so ever. All these adds saying "Go jogging hand feel free"? We all know this is not how it works. Tampons are not our friends. But hey! Internet brought me a solution!

How does it work? Simple. Here is the explanation.
Its not magic. Its 3 years of research and science in your pants.

2. ANTI-MICROBIALFights bacteria with an invisible silver treatment.
3. ABSORBENTHolds up to two tampons’ worth of liquid, depending on the style.
4.  LEAK-RESISTANTEven your whitest white pants are safe.

Don't you worry, they exist in 3 different shapes. Each one represents one different efficiency. 

The thong. Perfect for a light day. Holds up to half of a Tampon. $24

The Cheeky (wink wink). Ready to follow you on a regular day. Hold up to 1 Tampon. $29

The Hiphugger (sooo comfy). Here to support you on these heavy loads. Holds up to 2 Tampons. $34

Want more good news? All you need to do is give it a rinse, and chuck them in the wash! And they're ready to go again. Wear your whitest white leggings, and don't be scared one more second!

Want to feel great even more?! (No it never ends, I seriously didn't find anything wrong) A part of the money you put in your panties is kept for women in Uganda. You buy one pair, part of the money goes to the partner organisation, Afripads. Afripads train women over there to sew and sell washables, and reusable cloth pads. This helps young women stay in school for every week of the month, and has no shame and easy affordable access to hygienic pads. 

I made my order. Are you making your own?

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